Founded in 1997, AS Chemi-Pharm develops, manufactures and distributes disinfectants, personal hygiene products, cleaning and special care products and the luxury cosmetics line D'DIFFERENCE.

AS Chemi-Pharm's product range includes more than 100 products - disinfectants for surfaces, instruments and instrumentation, hand and skin antiseptics, as well as care products, cleaning products, soaps and exclusive cosmetics.

Chemi-Pharm's disinfectants, antiseptics and care products are used by the majority of Estonian hospitals and nursing homes, as well as a large number of other medical institutions, as well as numerous other companies in the catering, service and industrial sectors. Chemi-Pharm's disinfectants and antiseptics are in demand and appreciated in many other parts of the world (including EU countries, Russia, Asia).

Among the cleaning products produced by Chemi-Pharm, you can find practically everything you need to ensure cleanliness - from dishwashing detergents, air fresheners to limestone deposit removers, cleaning agents for heavily soiled surfaces and sewer pipe openers.

The company's soap production includes both odorless and colorless liquid soaps (including antibacterial ones), which are also suitable for washing hair, as well as lightly scented, soft and skin-friendly liquid soaps for frequent washing of the whole body.

The newest brand in Chemi-Pharm's production is the exclusive cosmetics line D'DIFFERENCE. The products of this series contain a number of valuable components for the skin with unique properties. All products are of natural origin and do not contain synthetic dyes, mineral oils, paraffin, PEG compounds, parabens. For raw material processing, we use the cold mixing method, which allows the ingredients to preserve their valuable properties in the best possible way. When developing products, AS Chemi-Pharm is always focused on the needs of customers. Our customers have high demands on product quality, so we pay attention to all needs and details to achieve the best results.

AS Chemi-Pharm has implemented the following ISO quality management systems in its work since 2001: ISO 9001 (product design and production), ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 13485 (medical device design and production). More than twenty products for the cleaning and disinfection of medical devices have been awarded the CE mark.