Edgard Cooper

Edgard ja Cooper story

Louis and Koen met at university and remained good friends after that. They both had a dog, Edgard and Cooper. Their common concern and frequent topic of conversation was non-wholesome dog food and the packaging that litters the world. From this they got the idea to start producing healthy dog food themselves and sustainably manage the remaining packaging. Edgard&Cooper was born!

They worked with specialists to develop a recipe that includes meat, fruits and vegetables and herbs. The meat comes from a farm where the animals have been treated with respect. Real fruits and vegetables with preserved minerals and vitamins. Also included are vegetables that contain complex carbohydrates that are easy for dogs to digest.

Their ingredients come from the best suppliers - as local as possible and with the same values.

play nice with nature


In addition to sustainable packaging, they do more for the planet. Check out their Zero Pawprint plan, a strategy to make a positive impact on the planet by 2025  read more: SIIN

The packaging is made of plants, not plastic. A resource derived from plants can be called renewable because they grow back quickly. What's more, they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow. These grocery bags are biodegradable, but they need the right conditions for that! What good is a biodegradable bag if they are not handled properly?

To make the bags, they use two plant materials - paper, which is made from trees, and bioplastic, which is made from potatoes.

Their paper only comes from forests that are carefully maintained and replanted.

They make their plastic from potatoes, a low-intensity crop that grows abundantly in Europe. Using a local factory also reduces the footprint of their product.

If the packaging is properly composted, it will disappear in about 6 months!

Also, their cans and wet food packets are made of metal. Which is also the most recycled material in the world.

Metal is easy to recycle compared to other materials. For example, 75% of all aluminum used since 1888 is still in use today. That's because it doesn't break down after every use and you're so good at putting it in the right bin.

100% loop

Because the microorganisms that eat almost everything else on the planet can't digest plastic, we can't break it down into useful byproducts. Instead, plastic breaks down into microplastics over a thousand years - increasingly linked to all sorts of environmental and human health risks

Edgard and Cooper

With every purchase, 1% of our sales will be donated to Sri Lanka Dog Care Clinic, giving stray dogs a second chance.

More info:  SIIT