KIRA Shoes

One black pair that is always in fashion
KIRA began with the desire to inspire women to create a wardrobe that is simple, functional and eco-friendly - and the backbone of that wardrobe is a pair of comfortable flat shoes.

"Since we both walk a lot, we had difficulty finding ballet flats that would last more than one season - so the idea was born to make this perfect black pair ourselves," says Liis, the brand's marketing manager, saying that they were inspired to design the shoes by the timeless style of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn .

"The ballerina is one of the most underrated shoes in the fashion world in terms of quality, but at the same time it is an irreplaceable summer shoe, travel shoe, office shoe and a shoe that you put in your handbag when you go to conquer the old town with high heels"

KIRA Baleriinad

Recycling is the future
The upper fabric of KIRA ballerinas is recycled cotton, the inner lining is an innovative thin felt made from recycled plastic bottles, and the sole is recycled tires using patented technology.

Direction: zero waste
In addition to environmentally friendly production, KIRA ballerinas do not end up as landfill. Namely, the manufacturer takes back the worn shoes, reprocesses them again and donates a new pair to charity. When the shoes can no longer be repaired, energy is produced from them.

"We want to lead by example in making the fashion industry more sustainable by giving consumers new, better options - one black pair at a time."