Open call for circular economy-related challenges

This is an open call for circular economy-related challenges from: 

  • circular businesses
  • scientists researching the circular economy
  • municipalities with circular plans
  • people wanting to start their own circular business

We are organizing two "Learn&Hack - Circular Economy for Youth Leaders" events and we are offering you a multidisciplinary team of young talents to tackle your challenge. During the Learn&Hack events, the participants (18-30 years old) will learn about the circular economy and hack different challenges submitted by you as teams. The events will take place at the following times and places:

  • 1.02.2022 - 7.02.2022 Lisbon, Portugal
  • 1.03.2022 - 7.03.2022 Tartu, Estonia

The teams will use their gained knowledge to hack several challenges chosen by us and present the outcomes to the challengers (through video or LIVE). The challengers are free to use the outcomes in their work. We will select ten challengers.

Please submit your challenge here: The Portuguese challenges will be chosen after the 15th of January and the Estonian ones after the 1st of February. 

Looking forward to your challenge.
The CESCY team