Board of Experts

In order to create the development plan, an expert group has been established to provide input to the lead group, which raises important issues concerning the Estonian circular economy and makes proposals on which areas and problems should be focused on in the circular economy in Estonia. The panel shall compile and then report to the lead group on the results of its discussions, working groups and other relevant information (studies, expert opinions). The panel will assess how the different topics fit together so that opinions and proposals do not conflict.

The expert grou consists of 13 experts / practitioners from the Estonian circular economy, economy, environment, education, social field and others. Experts ensure that the steering group receives validated information.

Members of the Board of Experts:

Katrin Pärgmäe,  Paap Uspenski,  Rauno Raal,  Aveliina Helm,  Mihkel Tammo,  Priit Rohumaa,  Olav Aarna,  Ann Runnel,  Peep Kuld,  Margus Nõlvak,  Harri Moora,  Robert Kitt,  Ants-Hannes Viira. 

Agenda of the panel:

We believe that by involving these people, we will achieve a comprehensive and broad-based panel of experts that can provide expertise in the environmental and economic fields, as well as in culture, finance, regional cooperation, education and digitization, and industry.


"On the one hand, thanks to the experts, we can definitely find innovative solutions and at the same time a more painful and smoother way to the transition to a circular economy," said Kaupo Heinma, the Ministry of the Environment. The first meeting of experts took place on 16 November.