Mayeri Industries AS

Mayeri – safe for you, safe for environment!

Mayeri Industries AS is the largest consumer chemical factory in the Baltics based on 100 percent Estonian capital. The company's product portfolio includes 16 brands in four different product groups: household chemicals, car chemicals, garden chemicals and solvents. The main target market of the products are retail and wholesale companies as well as laundries and companies in the HoReCa sector throughout the Baltic Sea region.

Founded in 1889 by the Baltic German Richard Mayer, the flagship of the company is the Mayeri brand of household chemicals, which embodies the company's core values.

The slogan "Safe for you, safe for the environment!" expresses the company's responsible production and products. We believe that it is possible to produce washing and cleaning products without negatively affecting the natural environment. Also, the environmental impact of the products must be minimal at all stages of their use and recycling. The company realizes that not everything can be achieved at once - applying high technology in production is expensive. By moving step by step towards cleaner production and more environmentally friendly products, we are also moving closer to a state of balance every day. And with consumers who value the same values ​​and believe in the company's products. These principles are also embodied in the company's business idea, mission and vision.

BUSINESS IDEA: to produce environmentally sustainable laundry and cleaning products that are effective and as safe as possible for people and the environment.

MISSION: to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly and innovative products and to create the greatest possible added value for all parties in cooperation with stakeholders.

VISION: To be a consumer chemical company with the most reliable and environmentally friendly image in the Nordic region.

Environmental responsibility - we care for the environment all around us
Our products and production have as little negative environmental impact as possible
We reuse packaging, we keep the volume of packaging as minimal as possible
We consume resources based on need and, where possible, energy from renewable sources
If possible, we prefer suppliers from the nearby region to reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with transportation

Products with the EU eco-label:

  • Pesumasinas kasutatavad detergendid: Mayeri Sensitive, Alfa-Kem Sensitive, Voll Sensitive, Triumf Sensitive, Mayeri White, Mayeri Professional Universal, Liilia Universal, Mayeri Professional Economy, Juss, Mayeri Professional Automat, Mayeri Professional Concentrate, Mayeri Professional MicroWash, Mayeri Professional Concentrate+Booster, Pyykille's, Alfa-Kem Universal, Alfa-Kem MicroWash, Voll White, Triumf Ultra White, ECO Universal, Mayeri Sensitive Color, Pesumull, Hoiva, Triumf Sensitive Color, Mayeri Color, Liilia Color, Alfa-Kem Color, Alfa-Kem Color Professional, Voll Color, Triumf Color Protection, Mayeri Professional Sensitive Color, Mayeri Professional Color, Hoiva kirjopyykinpesuneste, Voll Black, Triumf Color, Triumf Black, Repsun Color, Mayeri Dark Wash, Mayeri Wool&Silk Wash, Savin Color, Mayeri Professional Sensitive, Repsun Sensitive, Mayeri Universal, Avera Universal, Hoiva Valkopyykinpesuneste, Voll Ultra White, Triumf White, Savin White, Mayeri Sport Wash, Mayeri Sensitive White+Color, ACTIGREEN Linnen Sensitive H.A., ACTIGREEN Linnen Sport H.A., Kodutunne + Mayeri, plekieemaldusvedelik sapiga, Mayeri Sensitive (geelikapslid), Mayeri Universal/White (geelikapslid),  Mayeri Color (geelikapslid).