Neular is a manufacturer of recycled plastic building materials. Their product range includes patio tables, outdoor furniture, garden flags, flower, sand and growing boxes, as well as road noise barriers. Laminated plastic boards have a longer lifespan compared to wood.

Neular OÜ gives plastic waste a new life: 2 km of noise wall contains approximately 240 tons of plastic waste, which means 12 million plastic bags or 48 million yogurt cups.

NEULAR doesn't have to pretend to be eco-friendly - it just is. In a post-environmentalist world, a product like Neular is the foundation of our cities and infrastructures. There is no need to shout about how environmentally friendly we are, because this is the new normal - a forgotten consideration. Dirty plastic garbage is humanity's organic waste, a by-product of our modern life, and nothing is more environmentally friendly than its sustainable use today.