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AS Wendre is a company founded in Pärnu County, which has grown to become one of Europe's largest bed textile manufacturers.

The company's vision is to be a recognized and respected supplier of European bed textiles. Our mission is to create value by providing best-in-class products and sleep solutions



In 1935, the flax growers' cooperative founded a factory in the village of Vändra, where they began to produce thread, which was sold to Germany and Great Britain with a large profit. By 1985, the factory employed more than 500 people, and in 1993, in addition to thread, pillows and blankets were produced. The company was named Wendre. In 1996, Peeter Hunt bought Wendre shares and created the company's trade route to Europe. Since then, the company has grown bigger and bigger.

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Today, Wendre is one of Europe's largest bed textile manufacturers. The company's production units are located in Estonia and Poland, and 18 million blankets and pillows and 600,000 beds and mattresses are produced annually. Wendre sales offices are located in 5 countries - Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Poland. The clients are the leading furniture and home textile retailers in the field. In addition, the company has 3 successful own brands - Geska, Wendre and Familion.

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The company has realized that their production may cause environmental problems. Thanks to the latest technologies, they recycle nearly 95% of production waste. In the future, they would like to use 100% of production waste.

Fiber scraps are used in production and fabric scraps are crushed as filling material for pillows. The rest of the textile waste is sent to waste, but a large part is also sent to Toom Textiles for reprocessing.

Fibers from recycled plastic, production waste or wood pulp are used as materials. For example, Wendre recycles 121 million PET bottles every year.

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