Eesti Pandipakend OÜ

Eesti Pandipakend has collected and recycled more than 4.2 billion beverage packages with pledges during its 15 years of operation. In order to support the vision of the organization, to be one of the world's most innovative and effective recycling organizations, we launched the world's first pledge system as an umbrella organization in the spring of 2019 in the form of reusable pledge cups for the news service. As an innovation for 2020, we also offer a solution of reusable pledge plates and bowls.

Content of the service:

The purpose of the service is to prevent the creation of disposable drinking cups at any events and thereby reduce littering. Panditops works on the principle of a pledge system, where a deposit is added to the cup issued to the consumer. By returning the tops, the consumer gets a full refund of the deposit. Eesti Pandipakend washes the used pledge cups clean and reuses them at the following events. Our cups are made in Europe from polypropylene, tritan and polycarbonate, and their manufacturers believe that the life of one cup is 50-100 washes, depending on its type. The service saves natural resources and prevents pointless waste generation, because a disposable cup is used for an average of 15 minutes, after which it is thrown away.

In addition to the pledge cup service, Eesti Pandipakendi also offers, upon request, the collection of pledge packages generated at the event, directing them to recycling and paying out the deposit to the event organizer.