Elamise Kergus

Elamis Kergus is an e-shop that delivers goods that are not found in large retail chains or that are not yet common. And at the same time, they are not just for home use, but smart and good products, which are made with nature in mind and people in mind. The entire product range, which expands over time, has been chosen consciously. It must be comfortable and user-friendly, made to preserve the environment and nature, recyclable and most importantly, make our daily lives easier.

Ease of living is not only time to save and convenient solutions. It is also about less consumption, more informed choices, a cleaner environment, care and respect for limited resources and thinking about the future. I believe that change starts with us. This journey can be full of discoveries. Let's start it together!

Where can the products be seen and purchased?

In addition to the e-store, a representative store is open in Viimsi Äritares, Paadi tee 3 - 332. All the same products as in the e-store are available there.

We pack customer orders only in cardboard and paper packages and use paper tape. If necessary, we use paper or cardboard to fill the inside of the package. Many packages are also used in the second round. If bubble wrap has been used to package the order, it is already in the recycling cycle and arrived at Elamis Kergus with the order. We believe that by recycling packaging, we can make a significant contribution to the consumption of non-degradable packaging.

In addition to the e-shop, the Elamise Kergus website also has interesting blog posts that give tips and ideas on how to live more environmentally friendly.