AS Kroonpress bears environmental responsibility in its activities. Maintaining a balance between environmental impact, social impact (including employee and community well-being) and economic viability is the basis for company management. Environmental protection is an integral part of the management system.

AS Kroonpress has environmental management standard ISO 14001, quality management standard ISO 9001 and occupational safety standard OHSAS 18001 certificates, wood supply chain monitoring FSC and PEFC certificates, as well as Nordic Swan Label and European Union Ecolabel usage licenses.

AS Kroonpress issues annual sustainability reports, which can be found here (NB! in English).

In 2013, Kroonpress was awarded the title of environmentally friendly production process of the year by the city of Tartu thanks to the introduction of several energy and resource-saving measures (use of rainwater, consumption of green electricity, development of the Greenline Print carbon label, etc.)

In 2015, Kroonpress was chosen as the most bike-friendly company in Tartu thanks to the company's sporty lifestyle-oriented policy (shared bike rides, shared riding equipment) and for having secure bike storage facilities.

Control systems for wood supply chains:
FSC and PEFC sustainable forest management standards.
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes or the Pan-European Forest Certification process)
seek nature-friendly and economical management of forests that maintain a balance between environmental, social and economic interests. Paper or product with the FSC or PEFC designation indicates the origin of the wood from a forest managed according to the principles of sustainable forest management - logging has not taken place illegally, the forest ecosystem has not been damaged during the logging works, and no illegal or child labor has been used.

The control systems of FSC and PEFC supply chains and the corresponding documentation make it possible to monitor the use of certified material through the various processing stages, from the growing tree in the forest to the marketed final product.

As the holder of FSC and PEFC supply chain certificates, Kroonpress can offer the customer the opportunity to print the FSC logo and/or slogans and public statements or the PEFC logo on their products.

EU Ecolabel products: printed paper ELF, Voetbal Focus, Voetbal Magazine, Silvan, Helsinki This Week.