Circular economy programme

The circular economy programme aims at supporting activities that contribute to efficient use of resources and help to introduce the circular economy principles, avoid the generation of waste and emissions, and reduce the environmental impact of the activities.

Operations to be supported:

1. More efficient use of resources

  • carrying out resource audits

2. Implementation of the circular economy principles

  • applied research and development directly related to the research or development of solutions;

  • activities that support eco-innovation and circular economy (eco-design and circular economy training, audits and pilot projects), that contribute to the capability of enterprises to create new products, services, and business models;

3. Environmental management activities

  • organising hazardous waste collections in non-urban settlements where there are no other options for disposing of household waste;

  • in connection with the eradication of end-of-life buildings that are damaging the landscape, and the dismantling and degradation of degraded and decommissioned agricultural, industrial or military structures, including the promotion of reuse and recycling, and the management of the resulting waste, including the promotion of recovery and recycling and the cleaning up of land.

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