Eskaro AS

Our purpose
The company's goal is to prove that hard work and responsibility, enthusiasm and creativity, innovation and the courage to discover will broaden your horizons and add happy thoughts as spots of color to your life. The main thing is to make choices consciously and at the right time.

The daily routine becomes easier and more pleasant if you choose high-quality products and services.
Conscious choices encourage creativity to make joyful changes.
The work will live up to expectations if you have made choices according to your heart and engaged the right team.
Business activity brings success and profit if you are surrounded by reliable partners who are ready for development and innovation.
Extensive work experience in the paint market, high development and production standards, flexible approach and responsibility for results allow us to successfully produce and sell our goods in many countries

Eskaro AS is the first company in Estonia whose paint has received the right to use the "EU Eco-label Flower" eco-label.
In 1995, the European Commission established the requirements for varnishes and paints intended for interior work to obtain the European Union eco-label.

What does the Ecolabel mean? "European Union Flower" is a symbol that informs the buyer that the paint is safer for health and the environment compared to others. Before granting the right to use the eco-label, independent institutions check the product's compliance with strict efficiency requirements and the impact on the environment.

Above all, the paint must contain a minimum of solvents, and no substances may be used in the production of the paint that could endanger human health and the environment.

The entire life cycle of an eco-labeled paint is a process of a caring attitude - caring for both the environment and one's habitat - from the production of raw materials, the production and sale process of the paint, and teaching that the customer makes a decision in favor of a particular color, and waste management.