IDEST-CHEM OÜ is an innovative Estonian company founded in 2017 and based entirely on Estonian capital. Our goal is to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly and human-safe cleaning products for both industrial and everyday use.

The history of the IDEST-CHEM OÜ organization begins in 2012. During these years, people from various fields, from chemists, sales representatives to managers, worked under various institutions, which were connected to companies dealing with chemical and cleaning products of various well-known brands. But from here, in turn, the idea and desire to create something completely new and safe for both the environment and people arose. The idea of ​​providing society with high-quality, user-friendly goods finally united all specialists from different areas of life into a community, which is now concentrated under the company IDEST-CHEM OÜ.

Each of our products meets the highest quality requirements. In the management of our company, we use the modern basic principles of the new management system: PÜJT 2017.

When you buy our products, you finance the future. You support the development of high-quality products and contribute to the development of the production process.

Eco-labeled products are Wash-off cosmetics: Baby`s Tear Sensitive, Scentless Sheer Sensitive.