Lead group

  • The aim of the lead group is to create a systematic approach to the transition to a circular economy at the state level and to promote the development of focus areas through state policy-making.


  • The first task of the lead group is to set the goals and focus of the development document and action plan and to make decisions at the level of policy makers.


  • The goal is to create an Estonian circular economy development document and action plan at the state level by the end of 2021 in order to systematically switch to the implementation of the principles of the circular economy in Estonia.


  • The work of the lead group will continue even after the completion of the circular economy development document and action plan, including advising on related cross-cutting political and strategic issues, such as green agreement activities, banning of single-use plastics, etc.


  • The lead group is coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment


Ministry of Finance Marek Uusküla  
Government Office Henry Kattago  
Ministry of Justice Kai Härmand  
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kaja Tael  
Ministry of Education and Research Indrek Reimand  
Ministry of the interior Piret Lilleväli  
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications  Kristi Talving  
Ministry of Social Affairs Rait Kuuse  
Ministry of Culture Taaniel Raudsep  
Ministry of Defense Meelis Oidsalu  
Ministry of Rural Affairs Siim Tiidemann