Circular economy working groups for stakeholders

In order to prepare a circular economy development document, thematic working groups will be set up to raise issues and propose solutions and good examples. The work of the working groups can be led by a member of both the lead group and the expert group, but the initiative of stakeholders is also suitable. All working group meetings shall be recorded in minutes and submitted to the expert group. working groups can also be conducted in cooperation with existing groups, the results of the discussion will be presented on the process of drafting the circular economy development document.

Spontaneous working groups

We are convinced that there are a lot of people in Estonia who are starting to start, and the topics that are looking for like-minded people are mixed up. We give these people the opportunity to form a working group under the umbrella of the circular economy, to lead it themselves. The Ministry of the Environment assists in finding premises and disseminating information

Linking existing working groups to the circular economy

We know that work is taking place on several fronts in other ministries, and the involvement of stakeholders is relevant everywhere. We provide an opportunity to convene so-called extended discussion meetings, where already convened working groups receive fresh ideas through stakeholders in the circular economy.

Priority working groups

The lead group has suggested various topics that should be addressed during the preparation of the circular economic development document. The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for the work of the working groups on these issues. We invite you to participate in the newsletter.

Organization of working groups

The Ministry of the Environment compiles the summaries of all meetings, compiles them into a whole and forwards them to the expert panel, which gives its assessment of the results of the discussion and the proposed solutions.

The lists of working groups, participants and meeting times are posted on the circular economy website and are public. Meetings are open to everyone by pre-registering.

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