Other support measures

Digital diagnostics grant by Enterprise Estonia

Target group: companies operating in the manufacturing or mining and quarrying. The aim of the grant is to support the establishment of digitalisation and automatisation diagnostics in the manufacturing and mining and quarrying. The maximum sum of the grant depends on the sales profit of the company in the year preceding the application (5,000–15,000 euros).

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Product development grant by Enterprise Estonia

Target group: small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the manufacturing. This grant is meant to encourage industrial companies to invest in development that increases the value-added of the company and the sales revenue of new products. The aim is to help industrial companies develop products with high export potential.

Maximum amount of the grant: 200,000 euros (max. 70% of the cost of the project).

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Estonian-Norwegian cooperation programme “Green ICT”

Target group: private companies. The aim is to support sustainable development of Estonian companies and increase the cooperation of Estonia and Norway in the area of innovation as well as to increase the value-added of companies. The programme supports development of new products and services that contain an IT component, and digitalisation of the production processes of industrial companies. The amount of the grant per project is 10,000–20,000 euros.

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Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the world’s largest programme that promotes research and development as well as international cooperation. The aim of the grant for preparation is to recognise and encourage the drafting of high-quality projects in Estonia to apply for funding under H2020 or COST, as well as to promote cooperation between the three Baltic states. The size of the grant depends on whether the applicant is participating as a consortium coordinator or with an individual project. Maximum amount of the grant is 4,000 euros.

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LIFE programme grant

LIFE programme is a financial instrument of the European Commission that has been used to fund environmental projects throughout the EU for over 25 years. It is the only directly environment-oriented funding instrument which facilitates the development and implementation of the environmental policy in the Union.

The LIFE programme is divided into two sub-programmes:

topics concerning preservation of natural environment – funding covers up to 75% of the cost of the project; 

topics of climate – funding covers up to 60% of the cost of the project.

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ADAPTER is a network of Estonian universities, research and development organisations, providing a quick and reliable link for companies and organisations to the research and development community. ADAPTER is a one-stop-shop that enables you to present an inquiry to Estonian research and development institutions, search the database for all available services offered by those facilities, see what kind of support mechanisms there are to help companies engage in research and development cooperation and much more.

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Nutikas grant

Target group: companies registered in the Estonian commercial register, for the benefit of which a study or product development project in the smart specialisation growth area will be carried out by a research institution. The aim of the grant is to contribute to growth in the research-intensity of the Estonian economy, supporting collaboration between research institutions and companies. Furthermore, the grant will help to raise the capabilities of research institutions to carry out applied research needed for business in smart specialisation growth areas. 26.6 million euros have been allocated under this support measure to facilitate the collaboration of companies and research institutions up to the year 2022. The maximum amount of a grant is 2 million euros per project and the minimum amount is 20,000 euros per project.

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Solar panel investment grant by Kredex

Target group: start-up, active and exporting companies. The purpose of this grant is to increase the share of electricity produced from renewable sources and to reduce emissions from energy-generating systems. The support shall cover up to 30% of the total eligible cost of supported activities and up to 30,000 euros per applicant.

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